Classic Fighters 2021 Tee - Fundraiser SALE

Classic Fighters 2021 Tee - Fundraiser SALE

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For all you Classic Fighters fans, sadly our 2021 show was cancelled due to Covid-19 but you can still purchase some merchandise today!

Sizes available: Small - 3XLarge


Our 20th Anniversary Airshow, Yealands Classic Fighters 2021 was to be a fundraiser towards building a workshop/hangar for our airshow and museum. Unfortunately, the appearance of Covid-19 ‘Delta’ in New Zealand meant the airshow had to be cancelled.

The project is still moving ahead with support from donations and volunteer labour, but we need to generate more funds to see it through.

In buying Yealands Classic Fighters 2021 merchandise you will be helping the cause. 100% of profits will be directed towards this project.

More about the Workshop-hangar:

This 20 x 25m hangar is to be built in the Omaka Airpark, alongside the museum. It will be the HQ for our volunteers working on props for the airshow and restoring aircraft for the exhibitions. At times we have too many aircraft or other items to display, so this hangar will serve as much needed storage space, allowing aircraft to take turns rotating through the museum. A mezzanine walkway is planned, so that the visiting public can join behind-the-scenes tours to watch the work going on or to view aircraft in temporary storage.